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Ready-to-use Connectors to 50+ sources.

Mobility Portal connects seamlessly to over 50 of the most popular consumer and enterprise services, like Dropbox, SharePoint, Slack and many more.

It doesn’t matter if they are hosted on-site or in the Cloud: With the extremely easy configuration wizard you just have to fill in a few details, like the API address, a key or user details.

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Makes handling of APIs so much easier.

Connected sources usually supply more than one service, i.e. Search and Contacts. But they do so in slightly different ways, which usually means developers have to deep-dive in their documentation. Mobility Portal already knows the logic and nomenclature of each and everyone of them. It consolidates all of this knowledge into an automatically updating API documentation that developers can bring up, search through and test right from the backend.

Aggregation into Unity API.

Many similar services compete for our attention, e.g. Dropbox vs. Box vs. OneDrive. As if choosing a winner isn’t already hard enough, embedding that one service into any app will make it harder to switch between them a year or two down the line.

Therefore the Mobility Portal Unity API lets you consolidate similar services into ‘Layers’. For example Slack, Hipchat and Yammer could be merged into the ‘Social Chat Layer’ which you then integrate into your app projects instead. This makes background sources completely interchangeable and lets you freely move between them.

Unity API Aggregation Illustration
Security and Permissions Data DMZ Illustration

Security and Permissions.

Opening up terabytes of data to a centralized hub makes impenetrable data safety a prime concern. Luckily Mobility Portal handles all data requests inside a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) where they get authenticated and authorised before sending out just the specified response – and nothing else.

Speaking of authentication: Mobility Portal carries over identities from many services, remaps their security profiles and user roles and merges users across identities. That means Jeff from Active Directory is also given Jeff’s Dropbox based on his email address.

All supported ID services

Behind your firewall. In the cloud. Or both.

Not always have companies the liberty, time or budget to go fully Cloud with their platforms/middleware/backends. Whatever the reason, Mobility Portal can be installed on your server locally and behind your firewall, even without Internet connection.

Or you can run it in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Or why not both and be hybrid (like a Prius).

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