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Low-code Adobe Brackets IDE

We get it, developing apps can be frustrating. That’s why we developed a handy IDE extension for the popular Adobe Brackets code editor. It comes pre-loaded with a Device Simulator and a runtime to quickly test-drive your project without having to deploy it. Did we mention it’s free?

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HTML5 mobile-first web apps.

Progressive organizations worldwide consider HTML5 to be the only serious choice for creating enterprise apps across multiple platforms. The decision makes sense: Browsers become faster every year, gain more access to device features, are available on literally every device and are the best-secured sandbox on every OS. There is no reason not to want HTML5 mobile-first apps as you cover 99% of platforms, devices and screen sizes right off the start.

Native apps possible as well.

But for the 1% of times where a native app is needed to enhance the experience, e.g. for submission to a public App Store, Mobility Portal comes with an integration for Adobe PhoneGap, a popular app wrapper. So whether it’s a marketing requirement or a consumer app, Mobility Portal has mastered both worlds.

Re-usable Google Polymer Web Components.

The key to our phenomenal app’s performance and ease of development lies in the innovative Google Polymer Web Components which build the foundation of Mobility Portal. Web Components are the new standard for HTML5 apps that allow reusable elements, selective reloading and a low-code, intuitive alternative to traditional app frameworks. The learning curve is super small and most developers will be able to understand them with their current skill set. Plus, with all modern browsers already rendering them natively what’s there not to believe that Web Components are the new kid on the block.

Reusable Google Polymer HTML5 Web Components
Continous Deployment Agile Dev Ops Illustration

Continuous Deployment built-in.

When you’ve finished your app project, push it to your users with one click. Mobility Portal comes with an empty ‘Workplace’ that handles the user login and shows them all apps available to them from an internal App Store. Since everything is browser-based and nothing gets downloaded, a simple refresh will update your users to the latest version of your app. You will learn that continuous deployments won't keep you up at night anymore.

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