Mobilize your business data.

Mobility Portal is an end-to-end platform to create apps for work.

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Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that combines pre-built data connections to Cloud and on-premise sources with a simple low-code App Designer.

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Middleware for your APIs and databases.

The key to productive apps is a frictionless backend that integrates all sources out-of-the-box.

Easy to configure Connectors to 50+ sources.

It comes with dozens of pre-built Connectors to the world’s most popular enterprise and consumer services, like Dropbox, SharePoint, Office 365 and many more. All sources' logic and nomenclature is embedded into each Connector and is continuously updated. To create your own Connector just enter the API’s address and select your services.

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API aggregation and API layering

Mobility Portal lets you group similar APIs (say for Yammer, Slack and Hipchat) into an API Layer, i.e. a ‘Social API Layer’ for instance, that developers can use to create apps instead of having to integrate all sources individually. This makes background sources interchangeable as organizations can move between them freely.

The silo buster corporate IT needed.

By seamlessly bringing all kinds of data sources from the cloud and on-premise together in a centralized API Hub, IT finally has a secure and united repository to access all of their data. It puts data ownership back into the organization’s hand as they don’t have to rely on any built-in integrations, wait for updates or budget for expensive customizations. One might even say it breaks up vendor lock-ins, which is just as well.

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Frustration-free HTML5 app development.

Many solutions promise “apps” but 99% of the time they’re code-laden. We are that 1%.

Everything you need, nothing that you don’t.

Making apps is a science of mix-and-matching hundreds of technological decisions, many of which are difficult to gauge in terms of their maturity and future-proofness. Therefore Mobility Portal offers an end-to-end solution for HTML5 app development. It focuses on everything organizations need along each step – e.g. Identity, API aggregation, App Store, etc. – so that you are not losing momentum over nitty gritty details.

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Reusable Google Polymer HTML5 Web App Development Components Illustration

Reusable Web Components

The innovative Google Polymer Web Components are the imminent standard for creating web apps. Their reusable architecture, Material-design components and HTML5 core let them run natively across all current browsers.

With our free Adobe Brackets extension we have created a low-code App Designer that allows you to swiftly assemble different templates for apps, lists or fields to your own apps.

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What can Mobility Portal do?

Imagine the great things you can create for your organization through unified data access.

Central customer record

Unite customer information.

Your customers are the cornerstone of near enough every application you are using in your business. ERP, CRM, Helpdesk, Accounting are just a small number of applications into which your customer data is dividied.

But by bringing it together you can create one centralized customer record that redefines how deparments receive and can manage their part of the record.

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Come up with your own functions.

There are so many benefits a central Customer Record can have:

You can resend the last invoice at the touch of a button, check recent interactions between your organization and all your customers' employees, create invoices based on automatic BI reports, improve customer satisfaction with a hollistic view about recent exchanges, and so many more things.

The possibilities of a single, united Customer Record are endless.

Search across all your sources.

Through the Integrated Unity Service Layer all your on-premise and cloud sources are connected to the backend. That means your users can simulteanously search literally dozens of previously discreet silos.

Secure search.

With authentication and authorization of users carrying over into Mobility Portal, all permissions stay in place. That means items a user isn't permitted to see in the original source also won't show up in search results.

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Enterprise-wide Search
Cross-source Hybrid App

Tear down silos.

Even if some of your business applications already have mobile apps, they are merely mobilized silos. Worse even, as on mobile devices cross-source use cases are often even more poorly integrated then on the desktop.

Make apps with your sources.

With Mobility Portal all sources you have Connectors for can be easily called upon in your app. Say you want an app that uses both Salesforce and SharePoint sources–done. Or use Dropbox files to send to customers in your CRM solution–easy.

Mobility Portal integrates any of your Connectors into your apps and treats them equally, regardless whether they lie in the cloud or on-premise.

Mobile Workflow

Take action on the go.

Our responsive Web Form Designer allows you to create your own forms and fields for mobile apps. It includes many form types, like HTML fields, Uploads, etc. Submissions are not made into some proprietary database, but Mobility Portal feeds the data back into whichever source you have connected.

Workflows that really flow.

A sophisticated Workflow Engine can precisely route submissions across your organization. It can even amalgamate different sources into one joint data record and identify users across multiple Connectors. It's the ultimate weapon against disrupted process automation.

Now Assistant Prepares You For The Day

Google Now for your business.

With our revolutionary Now Workplace you can use a suite of apps fit for the Digital Workplace. It’s a personal, digital assistant that proactively sends actionable Cards about relevant changes and upcoming events, understands voice commands, and offers an enterprise-wide search.

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Speaking is cooler than typing.

With Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Intent Recognition you can just speak to your app like you would to a colleague. Approve that meeting, get those minutes or get updated about recent events.

One giant leap for mankind.

Only when innovations are accessible to a broad set of people they have the opportunity to really make meaningful difference. Get our leading-edge virtual assistant today and see where it takes you.

When time is a factor.

A quick time from drawing board to complete app can make a crucial difference to a host of business scenarios. By using pre-defined templates or copying elements from other apps, you can quickly assemble new apps which are adapted for a new purpose.

Say you have a business partner you want to collaborate with. You could easily create a specific collaboration app that works with their data. Or you can showcase a new product within minutes by using a product showcase app template.

For Joint Ventures or Mergers.

Joint Ventures and Company Mergers create a huge data clash that's hard to orchestrate. Near enough everything is duplicate: Intranets, Active Directories, SharePoints, etc.

Combining all these sources unanimously to one great, united API that works instantly and securely is instrumental to leveraging the most from the organizational shift.

When the (PR) disaster strikes.

As a company reacting to public opinions fast can have a mitigating effect on the company image.

Surely you have heard about Dieselgate, the deception around VW diesel engines. With Mobility Portal VW could have quickly put a few input and list elements into an app and hook it up to their chassis number database. That would have given dealers and customers near instanteous access to the information about their vehicle state.

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