Introducing Mobility Portal

Everything you need to create workplace apps.

TL;DR Combined MbaaS + MEAP + HTML5 Apps. Install on-premise or in Azure.

Mobility Portal is an end-to-end application platform for digital workplace apps. It combines business data from on-premise and the cloud and brings it into a low-code HTML5 App Designer.


1Connect your data.

Access all your work data – across cloud and on-premise sources – with ready-to-use Connectors. Just configure them and they automatically and securely pull all your organization's and personal data.

SharePointSharePoint SAPDropboxGoogleGoogle Glass

See more Connectors

Connector Screenshot


Brackets IDE Screenshot

2Aggregate all your APIs.

Mobility Portal's API Hub provides a common way for different applications, APIs and databases to exchange their data with each other. It's like an interpreter that speaks all languages and translates all requests on the fly.

The Unity API that you create this way is the only API you'll ever need to create your own apps.


3Compose web apps.

With our Adobe Brackets extension, you can easily put together pre-built components like fields, lists and Cards to assemble your own HTML5 cross-device apps with almost no code.

Based on Google Polymer and enhanced by our mobile-first Front-end Framework, your apps will be as snappy and even more secure than any native app.

Brackets IDE Screenshot

Get started now!

Goodbye to vendor lock-in and bad work apps.

Try Mobility Portal for free with your own data, no credit card required. And if you like how revolutionary an experience you get: Prices start at $1 per device.

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